Elias Castegren

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PhD student at Uppsala University


I am a PhD student at Uppsala University. My advisor is Tobias Wrigstad and my co-advisor is Dave Clarke. I do research on programming languages, in particular type systems for controlling aliasing and preventing data-races in concurrent and parallel programs.

I am one of the main contributors to Encore, a highly concurrent object-oriented programming language. Encore’s type system guarantees the absence of data-races and is based on my work on Kappa .

Publications and Presentations

Community Service


At Uppsala University I have the privilege of working in the same group as the following PhD students:


I am the main teaching assistant for a second year 20 ECTS credits course called Imperative and Object-Oriented Programming Methodology, given by Tobias Wrigstad. In 2017, Tobias was voted teacher of the year by the CS and IT students!

During 2016 and 2017 I shared the lectures of another 20 ECTS credits course called Program Design and Data Structures.

During my undergraduate studies I worked as a TA and certified Supplemental Instructions mentor for several courses on functional programming and algorithms.


I am currently supervising the following master thesis projects:

I have supervised the following bachelor thesis projects:


I spend a lot of my free time on listening to and creating music.